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Sustainability -- Regional Issues (USA)

View Resource 1998 Sustainability Accords

TJPDJ, one of 10 regional planning districts in Virginia, provides a list of 15 statements pertaining to regional planning and growth, in relationship to sustainability and the environment.
View Resource Albuquerque 2004 Progress Report

The Goal Progress Indicators show the current status of environmental, social and economic conditions as they relate to Albuquerque's Vision in Action plan (a set of five-year goals). Thirty-two...
View Resource Conserving Biodiversity Through Sustainable Forestry

Library Holdings. This guidebook was written to promote . communication and understanding about forest . biodiversity (Glossary) among researchers, practitioners, landowners, managers, and...
View Resource Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development

Assisting citizens living in the Great Plains, this non-profit organization provides support and resources for those who are dealing with issues that affect the long-term viability of their...
View Resource Next Step

Provides resources pertaining to sustainability for members of the Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network (there is no charge to register). Provides information about sustainability, jobs, case...
View Resource Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium

This site features an organization comprised of environmental policy makers and universities and colleges devoted to improving environmental policy and understanding through government and academic...
View Resource Regional Workbench Consortium

The RWBC is a collaborative network of university and community-based partners dedicated to enabling sustainable city-region development. The RWBC focuses on the Southern California-Northern Baja...
View Resource Sustainable Development in the Great Lakes Region

Information about advocacy groups, current events, and general resources, pertaining to sustainable development in the region around the world's greatest freshwater resource.
View Resource The Chic Ecologist

A blog on sustainable green living informational resource featuring green product reviews, emerging green technologies, environmental politics, fashion and do-it-yourself tips for sustainable living.
View Resource What Matters in Greater Phoenix: 2004 Edition: Indicators of Our Quality of Life

Based on the Institute's public policy research, this report documents the quality of life in greater Phoenix, as reflected in nine indicators, including urban growth, transportation and mobility,...
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