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Energy -- Energy Sources - Fuel cells

View Resource 2008 Policy Activity Wrapup -- Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

This wrap?up includes 2008 legislation and policy only. Visit our free searchable State Fuel Cell and Hydrogen database ( for a comprehensive c...
View Resource A Better Way to Get From Here to There: A Commentary on the Hydrogen Economy and a Proposal for an Alternative Strategy

Posits some of the negative consequences that could result from the reliance on hydrogen as an energy source.
View Resource A Collection of Fuel CellTextbooks and Publications

The use of fuel cells as independent power sources is expected to become increasingly widespread in the next twenty years. From electric vehicles to mobile phones, the uses for this environmentally...
View Resource A Fuel Cell Primer

A fuel cell consists of two electrodes separated by an electrolyte. In most cases, hydrogen fuel is fed into the anode of the fuel cell. Oxygen (or air) enters the fuel cell at the cathode....
View Resource A National Vision of America's Transition to a Hydrogen Economy — to 2030 and Beyond

Published as a result of the Hydrogen Vision Meeting. This document summarizes the potential role for hydrogen systems in America's energy future, outlining the common vision of the hydrogen economy....
View Resource A Report on Worldwide Hydrogen Bus Demonstrations, 2002-2007

This report summarizes interviews with demonstration participants in North America, Europe, Japan, China and Australia. Interview participants include bus and fuel cell manufacturers, infrastructure...
View Resource Addressing Climate Change with Fuel Cell Technology

Ballard Power Systems and Plug Power have been evaluating the impact of hydrogen and fuel cell technology on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The results were independently verified by The Center for...
View Resource Alternative Energy Resources

Library of books, articles, audio-visual materials
View Resource BCS Fuelcells Inc. Homepage

This company develops proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems which contain membrane electrode assemblies. This process creates self-humidified fuel cells that require no addition of outside water.
View Resource Build Your Own Fuel Cells

Library Holdings. The e-book Build Your Own Fuel Cells contains complete, easy to understand illustrated instructions for building several types of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells -...
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