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Natural Resources Management

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Oceans and Waterways (139)
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Sustainable Development (14)
Watersheds and Wetlands (172)
Wildfire (27)

View Resource Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

This site is sponsored by the Farm Service Agency of the USDA. It has links to several farm programs including: conservation reserve program, conservation reserve enhancement program, emergency...
View Resource Corridors in Conservation and Philosophy

Library Holdings. My thesis focuses on philosophical themes implicit in corridor conservation, using the Big Thicket National Preserve as an example. The way in which corridors, boundaries and...
View Resource Data from the 2006 International Piping Plover Census

This report presents the results of the 2006 International Census of Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus). Two sets of tabular data are reported: one for distribution and abundance of wintering Piping...
View Resource Deer Data Collection - Aging Whitetail Deer

The site contains detailed photos of the jaws of different aged whitetail deer. There is a section that defines the common technical terms used to identify different parts of a deer's tooth. A...
View Resource Deer Hunters Guide for Aging and Jawbone Removal

This is a four-page PDF file that is provided by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. It gives good information on tooth replacement and wear of teeth in white-tailed deer that can be...
View Resource Endangered Species Bibliography

Long list of books about endangered species.
View Resource Endangered Species: Books for Young Readers

List of books on endangered species for younger readers.
View Resource Environmental Laboratory Wetlands

This USACE site contains direct links to three important groups: The USACE Wetlands Research Program, The Wetlands Research and Technology Center, and the Wetlands Regulatory Assistance Program. ...
View Resource Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project

The mission of the FISP is to provide, identify, and evaluate tools and techniques for accurate, standardized, calibrated, cost-efficient, and safe measurement and analysis of fluvial sediment...
View Resource Floods of Selected Streams in Arkansas, Spring 2008

Floods can cause loss of life and extensive destruction to property. Monitoring floods and understanding the reasons for their occurrence are the responsibility of many Federal agencies. The National...
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